The Journey is author Euric Thomas’ deeply personal account of ambition, commitment, and personal fulfilment. Born and raised by a loving family in the sunny climes of the British Virgin Islands, Thomas’ longs for more opportunity than his native land can provide. His journey begins with a relocation to the US Virgin Islands, a move that changes his life in many ways but only temporarily fulfils his longing for educational and professional success. When the chance to try his luck in New York City presents itself, Thomas jumps, only to be met by cruel winters, unsatisfying jobs, and a pining for his warm island home.

Standing at possibly the most important crossroads of his life, Thomas faces a decision—seek comfort in the Caribbean or embrace all New York has to offer those with dreams of not just upward mobility, but also intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth. Either way, Thomas presents this roadmap of his life, through all its peaks and valleys, with an honesty, humor, and sensitivity that will resonate with anyone who has embarked on a journey of self-enrichment.


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About the Author

Euric Thomas was born in 1945 in Tortola, British Virgin Islands to William B. and Celestina A. Thomas, the twelfth of their thirteen children. Upon receiving his post-primary certificate, he relocated to the US Virgin Islands and then Brooklyn, New York in search of a better life. He worked several odd jobs before pursuing an education and career in computer programming. In 1969, he married his wife, Martha, and together they settled in Staten Island. After a second career in security, Euric retired in 2017 and turned his attention to writing. He currently lives in Queens with his daughter and son-in-law and several beloved pets. The Journey is his first book. 

Euric THOmas & Martha Thomas


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